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Google is blocking my pages!.

Google claim my pages have duplicates and I have not selected which should be used.

They state my pages have: 'Duplicate without user-selected canonical'. My pages do not have duplicates on my site, there is only one copy of each page.

The only thing I can think of is that they are detecting & and treating that as duplicates although they are the exact same pages. I await a reply from Google.

How to Disable Windows 7 Game Statistics

Microsoft have stuffed up, in Windows 7 they do not allow you to turn off the Game Statistics.

I don't hold with hacking things, but as Microsoft have not given us the option to turn off Game Statistics, then I am forced to find a way to stop it logging my statistics. When I play games in Windows I don't want to be told how many times I've played it or if I have won, lost or drawn. I just wanna play the game and that's that.

Statistics can be reset, but can't be turned off and you cant hide them from displaying (as one Microsoft tech told me you could), but you can set all of the stats (played, won, lost, draw) of each game to a maximum number so it can't count up anymore. I worked this out very quickly. It may not be the best way. If anyone knows a better / easier way to disable game statistics in windows 7, please contact me.

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How To

Play the game of choice at least once to log your stats for that game then you can hack them.

Open COMPUTER folder and type this in the address bar:- C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft Games (where USER_NAME is your windows user name). In the folder that appears, you should see a folder of the game you want to hack the stats of. (I'll use Chess Titans for an example). Double click the game folder (ChessTitans). In the game folder you should see a file with a .xml file extention (ChessTitans.xml). Right click on the file and select "open with.." select "notepad".

When you have the file open, scroll down until you see this:


Change all of the numbers to 2147483647 so it looks like this:


Add a minus sign - to the <games played> number so it looks like this:


Save the changes, close notepad and play the game. When you finish the game the statistics will still be displayed, but all of the numbers are now maxed and it won't add any more numbers, so the stats are now effectively useless. The games played number will count down, but that makes no odds.

Unfortunately, you will have to repeat this for each game whose stats you wish to disable.

Have Fun! -Norm


Here is the feedback I have recieved about this page.
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Hi mate, I have readed your how to disable stats for win7games such as chess titans. Actually I came here from google to change *hack* them and put max number etc. If you want 'disable' stats just make sure reset them before do this: In file properties check 'read only' box click OK, thats all. They wont be able to write file. This can cause your settings (such as visual config) cannot be remembered by game because of cant write new settings. But its usuable most times. I recommend set all your settings and then check read only box. Sorry for bad English...

PvtMert - Turkey

(Norm's note: I tried this originally, it didn't work for me. I am unable to test it again now.)

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