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Google is blocking my pages!.

Google claim my pages have duplicates and I have not selected which should be used.

They state my pages have: 'Duplicate without user-selected canonical'. My pages do not have duplicates on my site, there is only one copy of each page.

The only thing I can think of is that they are detecting & and treating that as duplicates although they are the exact same pages. I await a reply from Google.

Roku 'Secret' Codes:

These codes are mainly for Roku boxes, but many will also work with Now TV boxes since they are based on the Roku's.

I will be using shorthand to list the codes, here is an example: Home x5, U, FF x2, Rew x2. This means press the Home button five times, Press the Up button once, Press Fast Forward twice, then Rewind twice.

U = Up, D = Down, L = Left, R = Right
Rew = Rewind, P = Play/Pause, FF = Fast Forward

You may need to try a couple of times to get the codes to work. If the code you are trying doesn't work after several tries, it probably means that code is not compatible with your box.

Codes are not listed in any particular order. These 12 codes are thought to be the complete list, but if you know differently please contact me.

The Codes:

Home x5, Back x5 = Issue Tracker Popup.

Home x5, U, Rew x2, FF x2 = Clear the Cache - Most people think this is just a shortcut to reboot the Roku box, but it actually clears the cache then reboots. After you enter this code it will take between 10 - 20 seconds then the box will reboot.

Home x5, FF, P, Rew, P, FF = Platform Secret Screen.

Home x5, FF x3, Rew x2 = Secret Screen.

Home x5, U, R, D, L, U = Secret Screen 2.

Home x5, U, D, U, D, U = Direct to Wireless Secret Screen.

Home x5, R, L, R, L, R = Takes you directly to the Network page of Settings - Not a secret screen, but a handy shortcut!

Home x5, Rew x3, FF x2 = Bitrate Override Screen. - Works on my older Now TV box, but not on my newer Roku boxes. (probably not needed now most people have fast broadband.)

Home x3, U x2, R, L, R, L, R = Developer Settings - Has since been disabled in Now TV boxes, but still works on most Roku's. Allows you to 'sideload' apps onto the box, it was disabled in Now TV boxes since they thought it encouraged watching illegally downloaded movies and stuff... (many now tv boxes had micro sd card slots and/or usb ports & dev mode meant you could install a media player app.)

Home x3, U, L, R, L, R, L = Channel Info. Some boxes require Home x3,U x2,L, R, L, R, L

Home x5, D, L, U x3 = HDMI Secret Screen.

Home x5, FF, D, REW, D, FF = Antenna Secret Screen. In many boxes this simply displays the Platform Secret Screen again.

That's all for now! If you know a code that isn't listed here, please contact me. I plan for this to become the most comprehensive list of Roku codes on the net (if it isn't already!).

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