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Google is blocking my pages!.

Google claim my pages have duplicates and I have not selected which should be used.

They state my pages have: 'Duplicate without user-selected canonical'. My pages do not have duplicates on my site, there is only one copy of each page.

The only thing I can think of is that they are detecting & and treating that as duplicates although they are the exact same pages. I await a reply from Google.

Revert Skin (Windows Media Player) Transparency Fix

If you use the 'Revert' skin in windows media player 10 (WMP 10) and then get media player 11 (WMP 11), you will notice that the skin goes transparent when you take the mouse off it. Ok some people may like this new 'feature', but I don't, I like it to stay opaque. There is no (known) official way to make it stay opaque, so I had to figure a way to do it... turns out it was easy...

My info will always be FREE. But if this helps you, please consider a donation to help keep the site going.


To make the revert skin opaque all the time, you will need: 'winRAR' decompression software and windows notepad. Goto Program Files, then windows media player, then skins... in the skins folder you should see a file called 'Revert.wmz'

Open the 'revert.wmz' in the winRAR software and look for a file called 'netgen.wms'
Drag the 'netgen.wms' file to your desktop
Open the 'netgen.wms' file with notepad
Find the line that says: onLoad="vwPlayer_OnLoad();alphaBlendTo(40,9000);"
Change that to: onLoad="vwPlayer_OnLoad();alphaBlendTo(255,9000);"
Then find the line that says: onmouseout="alphaBlendTo(40,300)"
Change that to: onmouseout="alphaBlendTo(255,300)"
Save the'netgen.wms' file and close notepad
Drag the 'netgen.wms' file back into the winRAR window
A box will pop up.. don't change any settings, just click ok

You're done! now when you use the revert skin, it will stay opaque!

I was thinking of putting my altered version of 'revert.wmz' skin here for download, but as I dont fancy getting sued by Microsoft, I decided against it and you will have to modify it yourselfs unfortunately...

Note: the revert.wmz and the netgen.wms file may be set to read only... you need to uncheck the read only box in properties!


Here are some e-mails that I have received from people who have tried this fix
(some long e-mails may be edited)

There is another way to fix the revert skin. just copy the old revert skin from the old version of wmp and paste it into the new version. if u want to keep the new 1 then rename the old 1 before u copy and paste. i hav tried ths method and it works. mayb u cn add it to the page.

Eric - South Africa

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