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Google is blocking my pages!.

Google claim my pages have duplicates and I have not selected which should be used.

They state my pages have: 'Duplicate without user-selected canonical'. My pages do not have duplicates on my site, there is only one copy of each page.

The only thing I can think of is that they are detecting & and treating that as duplicates although they are the exact same pages. I await a reply from Google.

HTC Desire HD (A9191) Fixes

This page describes repairs for the HTC Desire HD (A9191) smartphone. I do not tell you how to dissassemble the phone as there are plenty of youtube videos that can show you probably better than i can describe it here. This page assumes that you already have your phone taken apart.

It is very easy to damage your phone beyond economic repair when messing around inside it so follow this page at your own risk!

My info will always be FREE. But if this helps you, please consider a donation to help keep the site going.

Totally Dead Phone:

If your phone wont power on or start up at all, and no lights show when charger is plugged in, nothing happens when power button is pressed, the phone is totally dead and will not respond to any attempt to get it going, then this fix may help you.

You need to test for continuity across the outer 2 battery connections on the phones circuit board. If you get a reading of a short circuit, Its highly likely that the GSM Power Amplifier Module (PAM) IC has gone bad and needs replacing. The chip is a TriQuint TQM7M5013 quad band PAM.

The chip cannot be removed or replaced safely without a hot air re-work station, and even with one, its not an easy task due to the metal screening cans being close to the chip. Attempt this fix at your own risk!

Here is a video of me diagnosing the bad chip and doing a temporary fix by partially blowing the short circuit away to get the phone working:

And here my short follow up video testing continuity of battery terminals after removing the TriQuint chip:

No Audio From Internal Microphone:

If you get audio from a headset mic, or a bluetooth device but not from the phones internal microphone, its probable that the microphone element is bad (small gold rectangle with hole in one end on phones bottom board). These mic elements can be bought very cheap on eBay.

How to guide coming soon...

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