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Lexmoto Titan ZN125T-8F EFI Mods, Fixes & Review.

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Lexmoto Titan picture

This page is planning to be the ultimate page with infomation, mods & fixes on the Lexmoto Titan.

If you have a mod or fix that isn't listed here, please contact me using the link above.

Review (After 2 years ownership):

The Lexmoto Titan 125 EFI appears, at first, to be a half decent scooter, but, after owning one for a couple of months, you will soon realise why you got it cheap.

The Titan uses the 152QMI 4 stroke engine, which is probably the worlds worst designed engine of all time.The "qualified" engineer who designed the 152QMI engine decided to bury the starter clutch (or bendix), which will likely need replacing, deep within the engine.

The frame and other components will rust just by looking at salt water. In 2022 I bought a 2019 Titan. I thought to myself 'its less than 3 years old, so it can't need too much work'. Sadly, I didn't look at it too closely before buying.

It turned out to be a bloody nightmare. I was completely shocked at just how much work was needed to get a barely 3 year old bike ready for MOT! My friend captured it with a single sentence, he said "well, it is Chinese after all."

It wouldn't cost too much extra to coat the metalwork with some decent product at the time of manufacture, and that would make the scooters 10 times better, but they choose not to.

Finally, the plastics are way too brittle. The screw fixings will break off for fun and, believe it or not, when I went over a speed bump the front plasic piece containing the headlights simply broke off, it was left dangling by the headlight wires, resting upon the front mudguard.

So, you are expecting me to finish by saying you shouldn't buy a Lexmoto Titan. Steer clear for the sake of sanity, but surprisingly I'm not saying that.

Actually, after you've bankrupted yourself getting it through MOT, its not a bad scooter. (excepting the mods & fixes listed below)

Just know that if you buy a used one there are probably going to be more things that need doing than you expect and your 'cheap' scooter may not end up being so cheap after all.

Here are my tips if you want a Titan:
1). Be sure to have a good look all over the Titan before you buy it.

2). Don't pay too much, check the market and bring up any issues you find to get the price down.

3). Give yourself plenty of time to get it ready for MOT, which will give you time to find the parts you need. Before buying used parts, be sure to check the price of new parts on CMPO (Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online), often the new part will be similar in price to the used part. Many bike breakers seem to think titan parts are worth more than they are.

4). Just know that whatever you spend on getting the titan road ready is money you will never see again. There is no way that doing up any Lexmoto Titan will ever be profitable, so know that before you start. Enjoy working on it, then enjoy riding it and you'll be ok.

ECU Fuel Pump Issue:

The Symptom:

The scooter will start, then if it stalls (due to low idle speed or whatever) it will refuse to start no matter what you do. You then leave the scooter for about an hour and it starts right up as if nothing was ever wrong.

The Cause:

The fuel pump is activated by a relay (remote switch), controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). After the stall, the ECU refuses to activate the relay. Nothing will bring it back except time. Leave the scooter off for an hour and it will reset.

The Solution:

The first fix was found while trying to diagnose the issue, the second 'fix' is really just a workaround to get the scooter running in an emergency.

Fix 1 (10/08/2023): Add an LED with resistor to the fuel pump relay.

This sounds silly, how can adding an LED (Light Emitting Diode) to the fuel pump relay fix the problem? Well, when a coil (or relay) deactivates its magnetic field, it can send a high voltage spike back down the circuit. We would normally place a 1n4007 (or similar) diode across the coil to snub out this dangerous back-feed.

I'm sure that adding the LED to the fuel pump relay serves the same purpous, negating the problematic high voltage spike. I initially added the LED as a visual indication of when or if the fuel pump was activating.

I could not reproduce the issue with the LED in circuit. The bike would stall, then start straight back up again, until I disconnected the LED and the problem came right back.

The Titan's ECU should have a diode already installed to prevent this back-feed, but maybe not?

One day I will swap the LED & Resistor combo for a 1n4007 diode. I also would like to get a spare titan ECU to investigate further.

Lexmoto Titan Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

Fix 2: Add a switch to activate the fuel pump relay manually. (insert the switch from point B in pic to Ground)

This fix will get the scooter running, but any time the ignition is turned on the fuel pump will be constantly running, which is not good and can burn out the pump if you are not careful. Only activate the switch when you absolutely need to, to get you home, then turn off the switch and allow the ECU time to reset itself.

Thankfully, if you do fix 1 you shouldn't need to use this fix.



More Comming Soon...

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