Norm's Poetry Pages

The Start Page - Rules:

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On these pages you will see,
Rhymes and Poems wrote by Me.
All the words rhymed in my brain,
And written down to keep me sane.

To view the poems you should tap Next,
For if you don't you may be vexed.
Cos on this page is where you'll stay,
And that may cause you deep dismay.

To go back to words read before,
You do not need a secret door,
Nor anything that's quite so devious,
You simply have to tap on Previous.

Do not tap on Home I say,
Or you will find you're whisked away.
Poetry pages shall be forsaken,
To you will be taken.

So now the rules have come to end.
There's one thing that I must amend,
I only hope you'll have good times,
Reading through my words and rhymes!